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July 13, 2018


digital, marketing

What's it like working in our five US offices? And who is the dedicated talent behind our clients' success? Well...this is the first of a series of blogs to answer just that. Let's get started and meet one of our digital team members. And be sure to look out for the next edition of, We Are Team LEWIS.

Alyssa Dingwall is a Digital Marketing Director on the LEWIS Digital team. We recently sat down to learn more about her role and her experience working in our New York City office, located in the fashionable SoHo neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan. Read through our interview with Alyssa and get a taste of what it’s like working for LEWIS in the Big Apple.

Alyssa Dingwall

How and why did you get into digital marketing?

I am really bad at staying in my own lane, so I got into digital marketing through sheer force of will, and asking, “Ok – but why not?” a lot. Every new situation I’ve encountered during my career – in PR, Communications, Digital, Social, Strategy, Startup, etc. – helps to inform the work I do today.

What verticals are your clients in?

At the moment I’m working with tech and corporate clients!

In your opinion, what makes a digital marketing program successful?

A digital marketing program is successful if it works! Bonus points to campaigns that break through and get noticed, be it by customers or other industry folks. There is so much noise these days, that if you remember both the concept and brand from any program, it’s a huge deal.

What’s the NYC office like?

NYC HQ is currently a WeWork space in Soho, sharing common areas with a lot of different kinds of companies. We overhear some great conversations, and it’s dog-friendly – which is an excellent perk.

What’s your favorite lunch spot nearby?

There is a Japanese market around the corner, which is clutch for delicious fast lunch (onigiri, anyone?) and wacky flavored sweets. I found tiramisu oreos that were beyond.

What song best describes the team you work with?

To be SUPER cliché, Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” is a pretty accurate representation of my day-to-day. All of my team members are badass women, which makes me very happy to be a part of such a crew.

A taste of Alyssa’s travels and adventures…


NYC has a never-ending list of new restaurants and bars, but I had to visit Woodstock in Meatpacking just for the décor. The owner has more than 24 original Salvador Dali pieces (casual), which are displayed on a rotation.


A nice thing about NYC is that you can always find an excuse to get dressed up. My boyfriend and I went to the symphony with friends – it was my first, and beyond entertaining.


I’m a beach kid, and was in heaven while visiting a friend in Kailua last year.

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