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Madeleine Linnert

Published on

February 6, 2019


agency life, professional skills

You’ve just been hired on from an intern to a full-time employee – what now?! If you’re anything like me, after 6 months of interning, LEWIS hired you on full time. First things first, CONGRATS – you did it! But you’re probably asking yourself, just like I did, “where do I go from here?” Lucky for you, LEWIS is overflowing with creative, thoughtful, and ingenious individuals who want to see you succeed.

Work Hard, Play Hard

At LEWIS, we like to have fun, whether it’s going to a baseball game together or a SoulCycle class. The community that we have built is unmatched. But we also know when it’s time to get down to business. Always be on time for meetings, whether they are with a client or with your internal team. Punctuality is a skill that is honed over the course of a successful career. But your manager and LEWIS as a whole are pretty flexible when it comes to time. Manage your time well, and you’re in the clear.

LEWIS teamDress to Impress

Coming from working at a law office, the dress code at LEWIS is casual, or I should say business casual, but more casual than business. That’s to say, it is perfectly acceptable to dress up a little bit if you’re feeling like it, or if you have a client meeting, pitch or our CEO Chris Lewis is coming into the office. Your attire represents who you are, whether that be stylish, edgy, creative, or preppy, but always walk on the right side of appropriateness.

100% Face Time

When I first started, I had 1:1’s with my manager once a week. And boy was it intimidating. But as time went on, you realize that your manager is in your corner 100% and is an invaluable resource for you to grow. Your 1:1 time is the perfect opportunity to focus on your career development, bring up any concerns, and just have an honest conversation with your manager. There is no better time to chat about what your individual career path looks like. And that’s what makes LEWIS a special place to work. Not every company is interested in what your career looks like. LEWIS encourages hand-raising, exploring new skills, and fostering overall growth to make you a well-rounded communicator.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

If there’s one thing your team values, it’s being proactive, and while you can’t predict the future there are a few ways you can get a jump on the conversation. If you are working on social for example, it’s always a good idea to scan Twitter for new and interesting ways other brands are promoting their content. Also, take a look at your client’s current social media strategy, see where there are holes or opportunities and bring your ideas to your manager.

Knowledge IS Power

Regardless of whether you studied journalism or have a background in the agency world, never stop learning about the industry because it is constantly changing. At LEWIS, you are encouraged to take the time to do learning sessions, like Google Garage and LinkedIn Learning. It’s part of your career and personal development. Beyond that, LEWIS brings in people from other offices to do trainings too. You are encouraged to raise your hand and ask questions.

I hope this makes the transition from intern to colleague a little less awkward. Good luck – hope to see you around the LEWIS offices!
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