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August 13, 2019


digital marketing, research

Do you have the tools to define and target your audience and create the surveys needed to gain insightful data from consumers? Listen to this episode of The 360 to learn why more and more companies are investing in market research to better understand customer needs and brand perception.

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Listen along as we chat with the LEWIS Research Team: Senior Research Analyst, Jack Esslinger, Senior Research Manager, Amy Garrick,  and VP of Research and Insights, Matt Robbins. They discuss market research, debunk survey myths, provide effective survey methodologies, discuss how research elevates your brand and touch on the effects of artificial intelligence.

Debunking Survey Myths

While many believe that anyone can write a survey, in reality, market researchers conduct a rigorous process to ensure the sample is clean, the data is organized and the results provide the best insights for the client’s goal.

Our market researchers point out creating, delivering and gaining data from surveys is not an easy three-step process. For instance, designing a questionnaire requires always keeping the respondent in mind to avoid “survey fatigue.” Our researchers suggest positioning lighter questions at the start of a survey and progressing to more extensive, open-ended questions that take more time to answer. Sit down with us as we further discuss how your survey can provide accurate feedback for your brand.

Market Research Can Help Measure Brands

Depending on your company’s goals, market research requires either a qualitative, quantitative or a mixed approach measuring brand performance and impact. In this episode, we’ll cover four key areas market research needs to inform:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Sentiment
  3. Attributes
  4. Associations

Artificial Intelligence, Good or Bad for Market Research?

As artificial intelligence becomes a part of our daily lives, we’ve seen an impact on market research. For example, survey participants are usually given incentives for their time; however, we have seen an uptick of bots taking surveys. This has negatively impacted market research due to false data. With this in mind, our experts touch on the positive AI can have on market research.

Want to learn more? Check out our recent webinar, How Market Research Can Help Generate Content, and take a look at our market research services.

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