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October 8, 2019


influencer marketing

On this episode of The 360 learn how to set up a solid and authentic influencer marketing program that levels up your brand’s presence. Listen along as we walk you through the steps necessary to ensure a successful influencer program that moves the needle on your goals and objectives.

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Sit down with our resident influencer experts, Managing Director (San Francisco), Jacqui Morgan, and Vice President (Chicago), Megan Maguire, as they discuss the evolution of influencer marketing, the tools needed to create reputable influencer program, why it’s important brands invest in a solid strategy and creating reputable influencer content.

Changing with the Times and Getting Started

As influencer marketing continues to evolve, the most important component your brand should evolve with is authenticity. Our influencer pros insist you partner with people for the right reasons and that these partners align with what your brand represents. Simultaneously, you must consider what the audiences want to see from the person they are following, and why they may be following them. Which leads right into building your influencer program…

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Like everything else in marketing, start with the big question, why. Why do you want to work with influencers, and how is this going to help you reach your intended campaign goals? An influencer strategy can involve building brand awareness, educating consumers or driving engagement. After defining and discussing your goals and objectives with key stakeholders, you can start looking at the components of the influencer program. What type of influencers do you want to use, what social platforms do you want your brand to be seen on and what are the types of content you will be driving on those channels?

The Benefits of a Solid Influencer Strategy

It is no secret influencers are seemingly the end all be all for your audience when it comes to purchasing decisions in today’s social media-driven world. After all, they’re called influencers for a reason. While investment differs based on the different types of influencers you are engaging with, a thoughtful strategy delivers a solid ROI. With experience to show, our influencer experts explain that when a brand identifies an authentic influencer, appropriate for their intended campaign, real and successful engagement happens. Thankfully, as our influencer specialists discuss, with the evolution of the influencer ecosystem, the metrics used to measure success evolve as well.

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Creating #Content for a Community

When creating influencer content, it is important to remember you aren’t creating content for one person, but for a community. A community that you are leveraging for a reason. Megan and Jacqui highlight guidelines to creating content that allows your brand to be seen and your influencers to remain authentic to their audiences, while also negotiating content rights dependent on the status of the influencer you choose.

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