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January 30, 2019


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Whether or not we realize it, we all consume content throughout the day. Obviously, we have our go-to books and must-read magazines. But today’s definition of content extends past these standard avenues and is at the crux of most modern media that exists in 2019 — even the endless scroll of our Instagram feed relies on it. And all that content has to come from somewhere.

Though we’re not all certified Instagram influencers, the Content Team here at LEWIS features a handful of these creators, and we all strategize, pitch, and draft many forms of content day in and day out. Hoping to share our experiences behind the keyboard with you, we plan to create an ongoing stream of content-related pieces, otherwise known as the “Content Corner” of LEWIS’ blog. But before you read our best attempts at wordsmithing, we first wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain. Meet your LEWIS content crew.



Areas of expertise: Cybersecurity, networking industry, B2C tech, HCM software, eCommerce, tourism, film/cinema

Favorite kind of content medium: E-book or Video

Ideal setting for writing: Cozy and cute coffee shop, accompanied by lots of caffeine and plenty of snacks

Where you get your best ideas: Right before I fall asleep (because of course), or on the fly during a meeting. Guess I like to keep myself on my toes

Online brands you love: SoulCycle, Steak-Umm (because who doesn’t love a healthy dose of absurdity), Google, Netflix

Fun fact about you: I’ve been obsessed with Star Wars since I was four? I’m born on a horrible holiday? (New Years Eve) IDK I’m not that fun



Areas of expertise: Cloud technology, open source, AI, B2B & B2C tech, pop culture

Favorite kind of content medium: GIFs and long-form features (I’m a juicy contradiction)

Ideal setting for writing: Any setting where I’m completely disconnected from the internet—i.e. a remote cabin in the mountains, dead zones, airplanes (I refuse to pay for the Wi-Fi), during power outages, my apartment when I forget to reboot the router, etc.

Where you get your best ideas: Oddly enough, early in the morning even though I’m decidedly NOT a morning person. Also right when I lay down to bed because LOL what’s sleep?

Online brands you love: Betches, ClickHole,, Britney Spears’ fragrance line/Instagram

Fun fact about you: I did department store runway shows as a toddler? I’ve never lost a game of Clue? (This is turning into my Hinge profile…)



Areas of expertise: Content, snarky (but funny) comments, B2C tech, open heart surgery

Favorite kind of content medium: Video, boomerangs, insta/snap stories, tweets

Ideal setting for writing: Anywhere as long as I’m either listening to 90s rap music at full volume or it’s very quiet — there is no in between

Where you get your best ideas: Outside of the box

Online brands you love: The Governors Ball (their insta is ?), Taco Bell, NASA, round.boys (if you don’t know, now you know)

Fun fact about you: I know who the real BANKSY is



Areas of expertise: Cybersecurity, B2C tech, image-publishing services, crafting, weddings, tourism, education, being ~extra~

Favorite kind of content medium: Infographics or video

Ideal setting for writing: Anywhere I can see the ocean (preferably with coffee or food involved)

Where you get your best ideas: When I’m inevitably overspending at Target or when I’m driving and can’t write anything down. It be like that sometimes

Online brands you love: Trader Joe’s (their insta is inspirational), 1UP Nutrition (also inspirational and makes me hate myself), Thrillist, Buzzfeed, INSIDER

Fun fact about you: I’ve been to nine countries outside of the U.S., so I guess you could say I’m #cultured


Julia Condon

Areas of expertise: Professionally: B2B & B2C tech, SaaS–making technical content interesting and fun! Personally: anything outdoorsy, yoga, festivals/live music/music in general, and cooking

Favorite kind of content medium: Long-form content like e-books, whitepapers, and blogs

Ideal setting for writing: Somewhere as quiet as possible, preferably outdoors

Where you get your best ideas: My best ideas seem to come either when least expected or when I’m brainstorming with other people. Good ideas beget better ideas–or crazier ones

Online brands you love: National Park Service, National Geographic, Trader Joe’s

Fun fact about you: I’ve been on 2 cross-country road trips and have visited 35 states



Areas of expertise: B2C and B2B tech, solar, financial literacy, public policy and international relations, sports, travel

Favorite kind of content medium: Print newspaper/magazines, e-mail newsletters, memes

Ideal setting for writing: Quiet but not too quiet open area where I can pace frequently and drink lots of coffee. I’m an active writer

Where you get your best ideas: When I’m zoning out or from reading the New York Times. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Online brands you love: The Athletic, Roam, Pardon My Take, The Permanent Holiday (shameless plug, last one is mine)

Fun fact about you: My life goal is to get on Survivor. “The tribe has spoken” Survivor with Jeff Probst…Yes it’s still on TV

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about the content-oriented minds here at LEWIS, make sure to be on the lookout for upcoming “Content Corner” blogs authored by yours truly. We’re looking forward to sharing our tips and tricks of the trade with you.

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