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Social Media

Social media has altered the way we communicate forever. It’s sharing, it’s self-expression, it’s engagement, and it’s real-time. It’s a global transformation.

People on social media want to engage with brands, and spread the word. By delivering meaningful and authentic experiences, your social communities can become your strongest brand advocates.

We deploy and enable social campaigns across all channels of paid, owned and earned media. This includes comprehensive strategic development, program management, listening and sentiment analysis and full content creation. All to drive ROI.

Paid and Organic Social Media

Our social strategy always starts with audience and market intelligence. We typically begin with a thorough analysis of the market. This includes a brand and competitive audit as well as an in-depth look at the media landscape. We then collaborate with you to identify the top two to three competitors to include in the analysis.

Organic reach in social media is less than 10%. This is why it’s critical to invest in paid dollars to put the right content in front of the right audience and at the right time. At LEWIS, we provide strategic paid social activation driven strictly by audience insights. This approach allows minimal levels of investment in paid while yielding the greatest results.

Social Media for Events

Managing social media can be a challenge, but what about social media event marketing? That means knowing what to post and where to post in order to reach your target audience with the most impact. At LEWIS we have the experience to make your event marketing a success with:

Proprietary Program

  • Drive traffic and event awareness and exposure
  • Complement PR efforts
  • Create new communities
  • Foster community engagement
  • Pre, during and post event management
  • Create and maximize content

On-site Event Support

  • Live tweeting, blogging, interviewing
  • Video and multimedia production
  • Create community or user generated content
  • Engage community with contests, polls, giveaways
  • Train staff to become event social media experts
  • Drive sales leads

Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, people often trust people more than brands. LEWIS identifies the voices that are on your side to express authentic opinions and compelling content that inspires customers take action.1: 9: 90 Model

Audience Intelligence

Audience Intelligence Insights & Media Activation is a process of listening to very specific audience panels in order to extract conversational patterns (what topics, keywords, phrases and hashtags are they using?) and media consumption (what are they reading and sharing?) in order to inform content, and media programs.

This type of listening is effective because it gives insights as to what the audience is saying and sharing in real-time.

This data can be used to execute programs, initiatives and campaigns which can be instrumental to the success of social media. We can use the insights to deliver a content strategy, social narrative, channel & engagement approach and laser-focused paid social program.

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