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Acción por la música




Uplifting Spirits Through Music


Acción por la música’s purpose is to integrate children and young people, their families and their communities, using music as a tool for social transformation, with the aim of promoting structural changes that contribute to the eradication of poverty and equal opportunities. 

To achieve this mission, they work with inspirationconviction and a firm vocation for social transformation, promoting the strengthening of individual and collective capacities of children and young people so that they are protagonists of their own change.  

Their main goals are achieved through: 

  • Networking and exposing Spain to the beauty of orchestras and choirs 
  • Generating opportunities for social inclusion and excellence for all participants 
  • Educating a new generation and inspire continuous learning, and a spirit of community 
  • Creating jobs of the future 

Why It Matters

In these difficult times, smaller local organizations need help to sustain the momentum it has built over the years. Acción por la música’s cause is so valuable for Spain’s local community and transforming the life of children and youth in Spain through collective musical practice.  

LEWIS is proud to support Acción por la música as part of its causes program. 

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