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Community Causes

Offering Support and Hope to People with Disabilities.


ADAPECIL – Associação de Amor para a Educação de Cidadãos is a local organization (founded in Lourinhã, Lisbon) that offers diverse support to children, young people, and adults with disabilities of all types. Their aim is not only to improve the lives and well-being of these individuals and their families but also to assist with their integration into society. Like many other associations all over Portugal, ADAPECIL serves the local community whilst also fighting continuously against the discrimination of people with disabilities and integration challenges. The association has a capacity for 50 beneficiaries and counts on several professionals to support their needs: psychologists, special education and rehabilitation, speech therapy, physiotherapy, teachers, and occupational activities monitors. Despite this, the pandemic has resulted in a financial struggle for many organizations in the Third Sector.

‘Image credit: [ADAPECIL]’ 

Why It Matters:

The pandemic has affected our society in many ways and matters related to the inclusion of people with disabilities are no exception. In Portugal, the percentage of unemployed disabled people grew 10% and the job vacancies for these individuals fell 350% during 2020 (according to the Portuguese Institute of Employment). ADAPECIL was originally created by a group of parents looking for aid and has resulted in a strong local network of cooperation over the years. The association began making a difference in the 1990s and has continued to have a huge impact on the fight for equal rights. LEWIS recognizes the social support that this association is offering to these individuals and their families, based on updated and innovative mechanisms, and has decided to support it through its Causes program.

“I think ADAPECIL is a powerful example of love, communication, resiliency, and achievement. They act as the first line of support to families with one or more family members with intellectual or developmental disabilities, making a difference in these people’s lives on a daily basis, as well as in their community. And there is still a lot they can do to tackle differences. ” – Ana Filipa Luzia, Head of Lisbon, LEWIS Lisbon. 

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