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Al final de la Vida





Community Causes

Supporting People Towards The End


The main objective of the project ¨Al final de la Vida¨ is to help support people and their loved ones at the end of life.  The organization ensures terminally ill people and their relatives receive support and advice throughout the process of death and bereavement. Al final de la Vida offers resources for a better understanding of what is happening and promotes a cultural change that encourages more conversation around the subject of death, aiming to encourage greater knowledge what happens in end of life situations.

Why It Matters:

The process of dying is usually surrounded by taboos, fears, and walls of silence. We are often ill-informed and un-prepared. For this reason, Al Final de la Vida came about as an initiative to help people at the end of life, and bring their families and caregivers through the tragic situation with care and advice where they can. The foundation aims to break taboos as well as normalize conversations around the process of dying.

They seek to serve as a resource for any person or family concerned about what happens after a loved one passes away. Not many people in our community know about this organization so hopefully this raises awareness. They are committed to developing a vision of community in which death can be treated with respect and normality, and not as an enemy or something to fear. The helps people prepare for losing a loved one and understand what that means for them, so there is no fear for the difficult emotional and logistical affairs that unfold after.

“This charity fulfills an essential function of support and education. It is a platform for awareness and training to help patients, families, and professionals in managing the multiple challenges of the end of life stage.” Josu Asún, Senior Digital Account Executive at TEAM LEWIS Madrid.

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