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Asian Mental Health Collective


San Francisco



Community Causes

Building a community for Asian mental health support


The mission of the Asian Mental Health Collective is to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health within the Asian community.

Addressing anti-therapy culture is a multifaceted effort. As an organization, Asian Mental Health Collective (AMHC) is destigmatizing therapy by normalizing open conversations about mental health experiences as well as providing real, honest experiences about what therapy looks like. With this approach in mind, AMHC established several brands under the AMHC umbrella to tackle stigmas against mental health in the Asian community and continues to grow them after receiving 501(c)3 status in August 2020.

Why It Matters

Covid-19 has had a measurable impact on mental health across the globe. LEWIS is proud to support an organization that breaks down barriers and stigma related to seeking mental health, especially in the Asian community.

“As a first generation Asian-American, I know how hard it is for members of our community to discuss mental health. There is a huge stigma about mental health issues amongst the older generation, particularly those who have immigrated to America. Many don’t believe in mental health issues and tend to downplay serious illnesses such as depression and anxiety, making it hard for their children to seek professional help and receive treatment. This organization means a lot to me because they are working hard to destigmatize mental health within the community and raise awareness on the importance of recognizing mental health issues.”

– Rose Nguyen, Digital Marketing Specialist at LEWIS

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