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Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer





Community Causes

Fighting against cancer in Spain.


Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) is one of the main associations fighting against cancer in Spain. The charity works to fundraise and invest in essential cancer research, whilst also working with patients and their families during the illness and treatment process. Recently, they have organized various fundraising activities in Belmez, a small town in Andalucia. 90% of the work that the association does in the town is based on fundraising activities to invest in multiple projects. The rest is dedicated to:

  • Providing patients with advice and support during cancer research.
  • Transportation services to bring patients daily from the town to the hospital appointments.
  • Organize open talks to promote living a healthy life, inform about early cancer detection and more

Why It Matters

‘This charity means a lot to me and my family. My cousin has had leukemia for many years, and whilst he is fine, fortunately, we have always felt supported by this association. Since then, we have always collaborated with the charity where we can. As AECC is a charity organization in such a small town, the money, and support LEWIS is able to offer will be a huge help to them.’ – Marina Obrero, Account Manager, LEWIS Madrid.


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