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Asphalt e.V.





Community Causes


Asphalt e.V. works to support people living in poverty and facing homelessness in Düsseldorf. The primary goal of the foundation is to assist and enable people to lead a life out of homelessness and integrate back into society, through a variety of projects.

Schemes including Housing First and Underdog offer those living in difficult conditions essential resources, from safe shelter to much-needed medical attention for their dogs. In addition, asphalt e.V. magazine offers job opportunities, as well as help, raise the self-confidence of the homeless so they feel prepared to become a part of society again.

Why it’s important:

This charity does important work that gets homeless people off the street and supports them as they integrate back into society. As a result of the pandemic, Asphalt e.V. has seen sales of the magazine wane because of local lockdowns, awareness of social distancing, and increased anxiety to leave the house. We at LEWIS are proud to show our support for such a worthy organization through our Causes program at this challenging time.

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