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LEWIS participate in AWWA Virtual Careers Camp


AWWA is a social service agency that serves persons of different demographics across various life-stages. Services include early intervention for pre-schoolers, education and disability support for children and adults with additional needs, assistance to low-income families, caregivers, health and social assistance for vulnerable seniors.

One of the departments focuses on Community Integration Services, supporting school-going children and youth with disabilities to integrate into their schools and community to reach their fullest potential. This is achieved by empowering them with skills for holistic development and promoting supportive environments in collaboration with families, educators, and community partners. To do so, AWWA often seeks partnerships with external organizations to provide the children and youth with real-life experiences.


LEWIS participated in a career virtual camp organized by AWWA for teens aged between 15 to 18. The team ran an interactive one-hour session looking at the importance of hard skills versus soft skills as well as advice on communicating in the workplace. While the session was conducted by two of the team members based in the Singapore office, the wider team was involved through the creation of videos in presenting their own tips and advice to the audience group.

The content was geared towards getting ready for an internship or a first job, given the age group of the audience.


Positive feedback from the participants.


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