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Beire Cool





Beire Cool is a volunteer organization that aims to give underprivileged children a week of carefree, ordinary childhood during a ‘Beire Cool’ holiday with their peers. Beire Cool is open to children aged eight to twelve. To reach the right target group, they contact organizations that work with underprivileged children such as Moeders voor MoedersDakant and ArmentekortBeire Cool want to do more than just organizing holidays. They want children to discover their talents to enable them to grow in their own authenticity, self-confidence and even contribute to the development of resilient kids through numerous activities. 

Why It Matters

Going on vacation is a luxury that not everyone can afford. 14.8% of the Belgian population belongs is at risk of poverty due to low income. These figures will only increase due to the consequences of the pandemic. It is hard to deny yourself things due to financial reasons, but it is even harder to be unable to provide for your children. Vacations are just one example among many other things. At LEWIS, we understand the importance of family and the parental drive to provide for your children. That’s why LEWIS is proud to support Beire Cool through its Causes program.

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