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BMW: Driving Quality Leads & Business Conversion

For Performance Motors Limited (PML) and Performance Munich Autos (PMA) – the authorised dealers of BMW cars in Singapore – the majority of leads were traditionally generated by sales consultants at events, roadshows or in the showroom.

In the highly competitive automotive industry where PML/PMA is competing for the same audience as competitors including Audi, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, there was a need to diversify its marketing strategy to drive leads and conversion in a cost-effective manner, instead of solely investing in promotion through showroom events and roadshows. There was an opportunity to monetise Facebook and generate quality leads that had a higher chance of converting into sales by tapping into BMW Singapore’s fan base.


The crux of a great social-lead conversion story lies in an end-to-end process that can track a lead from social channels and attribute the conversion as a direct result from a brand’s social media efforts. To help PML/ PMA drive high-quality leads, LEWIS utilised Facebook’s custom and lookalike audiences to run targeted ‘dark’ lead ad campaigns on an always-on basis. It is a win-win strategy, using programmatic marketing on Facebook for incremental reach using real user data such as behaviour, demographic and geo-tagged location targeting.

LEWIS knew from the onset that generating leads through social media is just half the battle won. To help PML/ PMA make a stronger business case about the cost-effectiveness of social leads generation and conversion, we also implemented a process to track digital consumer journeys – from their first interaction on social through to test-drive and purchase. With that, our team is able to attribute each purchase to the social lead gen campaign and quantify social media results.


Over a 9-month campaign period, LEWIS achieved 85 times return on ad spend.

“In the nine months since they came onboard, LEWIS has creatively demonstrated how social marketing can contribute to the bottom line. By translating rich social data into actionable insights for programmatic advertising, we were able to continue building strong brand affinity on social while acquiring new customers. For the first time, we are able to attribute sales performance to social media. The business results that LEWIS has generated speak to the effectiveness of programmatic advertising for social conversion,” said Ginger Foo, Head of Marketing and CRM, Performance Motors (BMW).

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