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Cancer Wellness Support





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Committed to a better life for cancer patients.


Established in 2005, Cancer Wellness Support is a locally based charity serving the Blue Mountains and Penrith regions of New South Wales, Australia. It is committed to helping cancer sufferers and their families retain their sense of control and balance through innovative, integrated and holistic therapies and education.

Cancer Wellness Support offers a range of complementary therapies to assist and support individuals and their families throughout their cancer experience. These therapies are not intended to replace recommended medical interventions, but to mitigate some of the negative aspects of cancer and its treatment and minimise some of the residual effects, such as lymphoedema. The charity provides support through over 5,000 subsidised therapies annually to local community members who have been affected by cancer.

Why It Matters

Cancer affects many of us. For those who may not be directly impacted, most will have experience with a close family member or friend or someone else they know falling victim to this insidious disease.

Unlike many other cancer charities which focus on finding a cure, Cancer Wellness Support exists to help those already experiencing cancer gain access to therapies and support that sit outside the realm of traditional treatments focused on treating the disease itself.

Such holistic therapies available include massage, lymphoedema management, reflexology, art therapy, reiki, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, naturopathy, bowen therapy, counselling, yoga, and meditation as well as facilitated support groups for member clients and their families/carers.

LEWIS is proud to support Cancer Wellness Support through its Causes program.

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