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Celler Demenz Initiative




Every three seconds, someone develops dementia. The mission of the Celler Demenz Initiative is to educate the population in the Celle region about the syndrome. According to the world’s largest dementia study, two-thirds of people (including doctors) believe that dementia is just a normal part of growing old.

The charity currently offers a support group for relatives. Through the support group, Celler Demenz Intiative aims to explain the impact of dementia on patients’ lives and key signs. In addition, it helps relatives understand how they can best support their ill family member or friend. Once a year, they also hold the Dementia Action Day to raise awareness and appeal for donations. As part of this, they work with partners at health insurance companies, the Celle General Hospital (AKH) and other non-profit organizations in the field of care for the elderly.

Why it matters

Dementia is a topic that receives very little attention, support or donations from the general public. As a major global study showed, false perceptions are still common as many people think dementia is just part of ageing – but it’s not. LEWIS team member Maren Müller has a personal connection with Celler Demenz Inititaive and hopes local family in Celle will benefit from the support provided by the organization. Although this disease is irreversible, it is possible to provide more understanding and education to help relatives and patients cope with dementia and make their daily lives easier.

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