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Charisma Gymnastics Club




Happiness Breeds Success.


Happiness Breeds Success. This is the motto of the Charisma Gymnastics club and Foundation (its fundraising arm). It is a grassroots club based in South East London passionate about creating an inclusive environment where children and young adults (particularly girls and women) can have fun, develop a life-long love of sport and fitness, grow in confidence, and excel. The foundation raises funds for new gymnastics equipment and coaching and provides grants to individuals to help them access the sport.

Why It Matters

Just 14% of girls aged 5-16 achieve the recommended level of physical activity in the UK. By the time girls hit puberty, this drops to just 1 in 101. And shockingly, over a quarter of girls have never engaged in sport outside of school. Yet, the benefits girls experience by regularly participating in sport are numerous including:

  • A more positive body image
  • Higher self-esteem and pride
  • Lower levels of stress or incidents of depression
  • Greater confidence
  • Learning how to take risks
  • Learning leadership skills and teamwork
  • Greater academic success

Charisma is an organization which promotes and encourages involvement in gymnastics, a sport that is hugely popular amongst girls in particular. Like the majority of grassroots sports clubs, the pandemic has meant it has received very little income in the last 12 months and no fundraising activity has taken place. It is predicted that a quarter of all grassroots sports clubs may never re-open in the UK, as life starts to return to normal.

If we are to encourage more girls to develop a love of sport and reap the multitude of benefits associated, we need to ensure that the clubs, facilities, and coaches are available. As a business, LEWIS champions gender equality. Supporting grassroots organizations like Charisma is a continuation of that work, helping to ensure that we are creating female leaders of the future.

‘As the mother of three daughters all of whom love sport and in particular gymnastics, I have seen first-hand the positive impact participation has.  From the practice, perseverance, hard work, and dedication it takes to learn each skill, to the unbridled joy and happiness that comes with mastering a new move, to the life lessons that it’s ok to fail, and you’ll fail many times before you succeed.  Every daughter should have the opportunity to experience the benefits sport provides.  I’m thrilled that LEWIS is supporting local causes, like Charisma where a financial contribution will make a real difference.’ – Helen Ellis, Head of PR, London.

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