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Children's Brain Tumor Foundation


San Francisco



Community Causes

Improving the treatment & quality of life for children affected by a brain or spinal cord tumor


Founded 31 years ago, the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) is dedicated to finding a cure for childhood brain tumors, as well as improving the treatment, quality of life, and long-term outlook for children impacted by a brain and/or spinal cord tumor. CBTF has awarded over 75 research grants totaling $10.5 million to leading doctors and researchers at top institutions throughout the U.S. The funding is the underlining for research into the causes of and impactful treatments for childhood brain and spinal cord tumors. CBTF partners with established community members in the brain cancer field, including physicians, oncologists, clinical and social workers, medical advisors, nonprofits, and R&D committees.

Why It Matters

With additional funding, support and empowerment, CBTF can focus on elongating the life span of neurological cancer patients, improving the overall quality of life for children, and ensuring that every child with a brain and/or spinal cord tumor is provided with the absolute best treatment and medical trial options available. That’s why LEWIS is proud to support CBTF through its Causes program.

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