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Church on the Street Ministries





Church on the Street Ministries provides care for many people in need – the homeless, those in poverty, the elderly, children and families, prisoners, people suffering addictions, and those with disabilities in Burnley, Lancashire. Its work began in March 2019 when Pastor Mick Fleming, together with David and Mary Hirst, started to help the homeless people on the streets of Burnley. Its work includes food distribution and foodbanks, hot meal services for the homeless at specific locations throughout the week, critical service support (for example, transport of prescriptions), publication of home schooling packs for children who lack online access, and support for those who suffer sudden bereavement and counselling services.

Why it matters

The pandemic has hit us all hard but it is unquestionable that some have been hit so much harder than others. LEWIS team member Will Richardson was born in Burnley, Lancashire and was moved by the report of the work being done by Church on the Street Ministries on BBC News last November. The report showed the real impact the pandemic is having on communities that are all too often overlooked or ignored.

LEWIS is proud to support Church on the Street Ministries through its Causes program.

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