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Coeurs en Scène




Coeurs en Scène


For the last decade, Coeurs en Scène has been creating shows aimed at cheering up terminally ill children. With the contribution of devoted artists, the charity makes these children’s dreams come true, mainly through performing arts and musical theatre. From seeing the best shows on stage, such as The Lion King, Mamma Mia or, Beauty and the Beast to spending a night at Disneyland Paris: each dream is unique. This is a special organization, with the support of various production companies, that provides children with opportunities to live their dreams with their families.

Why It Matters

Life is too short not to live it to the fullest, especially when you are a child battling with a long-lasting, painful illness. Seeing a child’s sorrow healed with a smile is priceless, and Coeurs en Scène is there to make that happen. Being a performer myself, I do believe in the power of music, dance, and acting on one’s mental and physical health.

Their fight is our fight, as everyone could possibly deal with illness at some point in their life. As the charity is also involved in national cancer research, as well as bone marrow and blood donation, their actions go far beyond bringing a smile on faces: they bring hope to us, to these children, and future generations to come.


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