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Daughters of Tomorrow




Women in Action


Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) facilitates livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women and supports them in achieving financial independence and enable social mobility for their families. DOT’s goals include:

  • Bridging underprivileged women to accessible job opportunities; whose talents are otherwise under-utilized.
  • Reducing the number of families in poverty in Singapore.
  • Enabling upward social mobility for low-income families brought about by financial upliftment.
  • Building an employment culture in Singapore that is socially integrative.

Through DOT’s Confidence Curriculum (DCC) – a series of workshops consisting of personal discovery, soft skills and communications, coaching, and professional development modules – women are able to rediscover their talents and strengths while opening their minds to new and greater possibilities in life.

It also developed a childminding network that caters for after-childcare hours and contingency support will help low-income women access and hold jobs in the retail, hospitality, F&B, and service sectors. These service sectors often face a shortage of manpower, and the main contributing factor is that these jobs are based on shift work and usually require them to work on weekends.

Why It Matters

More than 25,000 women from low-income families in Singapore are struggling to find and sustain a living. Daughters Of Tomorrow aims to support these women towards gainful employment and a better future.

We also know that since the pandemic hit, women have had to take on more roles at home and are pressured to accomplish more with the same number of hours. In fact, 42% of women globally cannot take on paid work due to increased caregiving (unpaid) responsibilities.

“The help that DOT offers women – especially single mothers and women from low-income families – goes beyond the short term and that’s what makes the difference. The issues faced by these women require practical, long-term solutions and support that’s tangible. By giving these women the tools that they can use for the rest of their lives, that’s what true empowerment really is,” – Nadia Chand, Senior Marketing Manager, APAC at LEWIS

LEWIS is proud to be able to support Daughters of Tomorrow as part of its Causes program.

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