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Devices 4 the Disabled





Community Causes

Giving the gift of mobility


Bob Shea founded Devices 4 the Disabled (D4D) with his late friend Ed Kane. Bob was previously paralyzed with a neurological condition and realized how difficult it is for people, regardless of citizenship, income and insurance coverage, to get proper medical equipment.

D4D provides pickup, refurbishing and delivery of used, durable medical equipment to those in need. When the person no longer needs the equipment, it is returned and redistributed again. It is the gift that keeps giving. The service solves three problems:

1. What can you do with durable medical equipment when it is no longer needed?

Donations of used equipment qualify as a charitable donation for tax purposes. The donation also serves as a lasting legacy for the family of a deceased loved one.

2. How can we get durable medical equipment to those who can least afford it?

Medicare rules often stand in the way of needed equipment. For example, it often takes months to get Medicare approval. And you are only allowed one piece of equipment every 5 years. If your medical condition changes and you need different equipment, you may have to wait a long time, sometimes in pain from ill-fitting equipment.

3. How can we help the disabled lead more independent lives?

Enhanced mobility places less of a burden on family members and state welfare agencies. It may allow the disabled person to seek employment and can actually help their medical conditions.

Why It Matters

D4D serves an overlooked community of people who arguably need the most help. D4D quite literally gives the gift of mobility to those who find themselves without it, due to disease or the unfortunate reality of gun violence in Chicago. LEWIS is proud to support D4D’s mission as part of its Causes program.

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