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Dogman Tierhilfe e.V.





Community Causes

Saving Animals in Need


Since 2015, Dogman Tierhilfe e.V. has been pursuing the goal of helping animals in distress. The volunteers work 24/7 in all weather conditions and secure or rehome any animal. This includes animal rescue (non-medical), caring for found animals, rescuing and securing pets as well as wild animals and birds, searching for and securing runaway dogs and cats, providing medical care to injured wild animals, and accommodating them in the associated wildlife stations.

Due to the good reputation of the organization, Dogman Tierhilfe is known far beyond its area of operation. In addition to the districts of Leverkusen, Leichlingen, Burscheid, Odenthal, Wermelskirchen, Solingen and Haan, the organisation also serves Monheim, Langenfeld and Bergisch Gladbach in cooperation with the police.

Why It Matters:

The German Hunting Association’s evaluation of more than 30,000 data records revealed that every year, there are between 200,00 and 250,000 animal collisions with motorists. For wildlife like deer, hares, foxes, board, and other endangered wild animals including wild boar, accidents can threaten their existence. Organizations such as Dogman Tierhilfe e.V. are vital to the survival and conservation of wild species in their natural habitats, which is why TEAM LEWIS is proud to support their mission.

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