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Community Causes



The Brussels organisation DoucheFLUX aims to combat the exclusion of people living in poverty, with or without a roof over their heads, with or without papers, from Brussels or elsewhere. The focus is on people and their dignity. DoucheFLUX provides essential services (such as showers, fresh clothing, medical treatment and access to legal advice.), organises activities that stimulate energy and (self-)value and actively involves people in precarious situations in its campaigns that deconstruct the stereotypical image of extreme poverty and treat homelessness as a solvable problem. Since the corona pandemic, DoucheFLUX also provides temporary shelter for homeless women with the aim of guiding them towards sustainable housing.

Why it matters:

In Brussels, almost 5,300 people don’t have a roof above their heads. According to recent research, the number of homeless people in the Belgian capital has increased by 28% over the past two years. The number of people living in extreme poverty remains high and with the Covid pandemic, the health risks to these people are higher than ever before.

LEWIS supports DoucheFLUX through its Causes program because it strongly believes in the core of the organization: giving people back their energy, self-confidence and dignity. As DoucheFLUX points out, the process of (re)integration into society is less complex as self-esteem improves.

To learn more about what DoucheFLUX offer visit their website click here.

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