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Making Dreams Come Alive


While many will agree that no one should have to experience trauma at a young age, the reality is that it cannot be prevented for everyone. Whether it is a death of a family member, parent’s divorce, neglect, domestic and sexual abuse, children need professional help in order to heal and emerge stronger.  

Dream4Kids makes the most beautiful dreams of children with a history of trauma between the ages of six and 12 come true during a Dream Day. This day is part of the treatment plan drawn up by a professional counselor. A Dream Day gives a child the courage and energy needed to for a new start. The hope is for the child to feel that they are allowed to be there and live their dreamsand that they are important and valued. 

Why It Matters

As a mother of two children, LEWIS employee Olga Liket acknowledges that she has been fortunate to be able to provide them with a safe and healthy childhood. However, she knows that not all children are as fortunate. She believes that children should be able to lead carefree, happy lives and in the instance they experience trauma, they should have access to help and support.  

“Dream4Kids is a charity that is doing a wonderful job in helping children regain their confidence and allowing them to feel special just as much as any child deserves to.”  – Olga Liket, HR/Operations Manager, Benelux, LEWIS

LEWIS is proud to support Dream4Kids as part of its Causes programme.

Image Credit: Dream4Kids

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