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Condom Power among millenials


Durex is the market leader in sexual wellness. The brand is dedicated to promoting safe sex for lovers all over the world! Aware of the growing reluctance of millennials to wear a condom, Durex chose LEWIS to amplify its preventive initiatives to help young people protect themselves.



The agency, in partnership with Durex, chose to rely on social media and the communication codes of this digital-first generation through four major health-oriented campaigns.

Yes to #CondomEmoji!

The first campaign revolved around the creation of the first official “Safe Sex Emoji”, also called #CondomEmoji. Spread on social media, a paradise for hashtags and emojis of all kinds, this campaign drew Unicode’s attention to the universal importance of such a symbol for this community.

No to conventional ideas!

The second Durex awareness campaign “When you do it, you put it on!” aimed to decrease the dramatization of condom use for the 16-24 years old (fear of spoiling an exciting moment…).

Digital detox = more sex!

The third campaign aimed to promote the #DoNotDisturb experience, a study that demonstrated the negative impact of smartphone use on the sexuality of young couples.

Who will replace the #CondomEmoji?

Following Unicode’s refusal to create the “Safe Sex Emoji”, the latest campaign revolved around the launch of the unofficial “safe sex” emoji. Durex has indeed conducted a worldwide opinion poll in order to find a substitute emoji.



LEWIS generated more than 172 articles on Durex’s four awareness activities. From specialized press, to national TV channels and health media/blogs, media successfully echoed these exciting and sexy initiatives.

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