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EDGE Youth Leadership




Community Causes

Developing leadership potential in high school sophomores


EDGE Youth Leadership develops leadership potential in high school sophomores and inspires them to give back to their communities and beyond. Through interactive experiences with their peers and mentors, young leaders gain confidence and skills that enable them to create positive improvements in their schools, communities and the world.

Why It Matters

High schoolers are facing significant challenges today — with home schooling greatly impacting their motivation and confidence. This is a crucial time to reach these young leaders through EDGE. LEWIS is proud to support Edge through its Causes program and sponsor students to help find the right candidates & create an impact.

I am an alum of this program. While I was fortunate to grow up in an affluent school district with many opportunities to take leadership positions in sports and clubs, I was much more comfortable being a follower rather than a leader. It wasn’t until NCYLS (now called EDGE) that I realized I could, and should, forge my own path.

– Kate Garcia, Digital Marketing Director at LEWIS

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