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Förderverein Fendsbacher Hof e.V.





Community Causes

Supporting the Elderly & Disabled


Förderverein Fendsbacher Hof e.V. is a non-profit association based in Munich in Germany that helps disabled and elderly citizens by providing financial support for special projects that would not be possible otherwise.

Why It Matters:

Help for those in the elderly or disabled community is always necessary and important. But especially in these difficult times, when we are all affected by isolation to a certain extent, they must not be forgotten. Many activities they could enjoy before the lockdown has not been possible due to the last year of restrictions. This makes it all the more important to create alternatives. But this also requires extra funds, which is why a donation such as this one will come as a huge help. Even here, a small donation can make a huge difference to the quality of life.

“Support your local organizations!”  Sascha Blasczyk, Head of Tech, TEAM LEWIS Munich.

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