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Frauen helfen Frauen Fürstenfeldbruck e.V.





Community Causes

Giving victims of domestic violence a voice


Frauen helfen Frauen Fürstenfeldbruck e.V. was founded in 1984. Before the charity was founded people would rarely talk about violence against women. The charity’s goal was to raise awareness about this subject and offer support. It started with flyers and advertisements in the newspaper and has grown to provide, counselling, telephone support, an intervention centre, and a shelter for victims of domestic violence. The current aim is to be an accessible point of contact for people suffering from abuse and violence.

Its vision is guided by the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The charity hopes to contribute to changing discriminatory social structures in a positive way and to enable people to live self-determined, violence-free, and equal lives. They also have a programme called bUnt. specifically for women with disabilities affected by violence.


Why It Matters

In the last year, there has been a considerable and frightening increase in physical violence against women. According to the United Nations women’s organisation, UN Women, calls to national help hotlines have increased by 25 to 30 percent in many countries. That is why it is more important right now to raise awareness of this issue, to generate attention and to give every single woman a voice that is heard.


“Our goal should be that there is no longer a single case of any form of violence against women – no matter which age, religion or origin.” – Sarah Kollmann, Account Executive at LEWIS.

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