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Froschkönige gegen Kinderarmut e.V.





Community Causes

Supporting Vulnerable Children in Düsseldorf


There are many worries and problems in this world and often these affect the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society – children. Froschkoenige e.V. is a small association based in Düsseldorf that takes care of the worries and needs of families and children who are in need through no fault of their own. It is often the little things that alleviate the greatest suffering here. For example, the organization ensures that children from socially disadvantaged families are provided with warm clothing for the winter or that they receive a healthy meal. In the COVID-19 crisis, the topic of homeschooling has also become important because only very few socially disadvantaged families can afford the materials that are needed for learning at home. Froschkoenige e.V. has helped with laptops for the children and continuously manages to bring a big smile to the faces of many children.

Why it matters:

Those of us who enjoyed a loving childhood and a good education are absolutely privileged. But we often forget that many people are far worse off than we are, even in an economically and socially very strong country like Germany. The people who suffer the most are our children. Every child should have the right to be full, to be warm, to receive an education and, last but not least, to be happy! With this donation, we want to give disadvantaged families and children a reason to smile.

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