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Fundación Paliclinic





Community Causes

Improving quality of life of people with terminal illness


Founded in 2008, Fundación Paliclinic is an organization that provides support and accompaniment to people who are in a process of advanced terminal illness or who must face the loss of a loved one. The Foundation wants to be a leading institution in the field of Palliative Care, committed to people who are in the final stage of their life. It aims to raise awareness among the population and respond to needs and difficulties, with the aim of improving the quality of life of those affected by any disease in an advanced stage. They provide resources to help families in caring for the sick and facilitating their stay at home, whenever possible, whether they are adults or children.

Why It Matters

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it has affected vulnerably ill people terribly. Covid-19 has caused an increase in deaths at home, a fact that is especially affecting the most vulnerable groups that the Foundation serves.

In addition, due to the lockdown and restrictions experienced during the past year, Paliaclinic was unable to carry out large fund-raising events -such as concerts with renowned artists, from which they used to receive most of their donations and funding. LEWIS supports Fundación Paliaclinic through its Causes program and recognizes their work helping people end their lives with dignity.

“I have been working with Fundación Paliaclinic for almost a year and I am increasingly aware of the importance of the work they do. Being able to help them reach even one more person is something that makes me incredibly happy and proud.” – Esther Ibarz, Digital Account Executive, LEWIS

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