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Gats de Gràcia





Community Causes

Helping stray cats find new homes


Founded in 2012, Gats de Gràcia is an organization created to protect, help, and find a new home for the stray cats of the neighborhood of Gràcia, in Barcelona. They make sure the cats are safe and healthy and they do a lot of different activities to raise money and awareness about the issues.

Gats de Gràcia is also working alongside the City Council to control cat colonies, find them a new home and make sure all the stray cats are in good conditions.

Why It Matters:

‘Due to the COVID situation, there are a lot of small organizations like this one, that are struggling to raise money because they are unable to do a lot of activities. Usually, animals are always one of the most affected by this situation, they are the most forgotten and vulnerable and they too need our help in every way we can’ – Anna Cruz, Digital Account Executive, LEWIS Barcelona.

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