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Hans Anderson Club


Hong Kong



Community Causes

Supporting Underprivileged Children and Families in Hong Kong


Established in 1963, Hans Anderson Club has been dedicated to serving the underprivileged children and families in Hong Kong with six community centres. It is their mission to inspire children through innovative storytelling programs so that it will help them encapsulate their vision and mission of life. The Club aims to promote reading culture and foster parent-child relationship via storytelling. They provide resources for children to enjoy holistic development and adapt to intellectual based society. In the past three years, they have worked with more than 360,000 Beneficiaries, facilitated 5,000 books donation, accumulated 30,000 workshops attendance and 45,000 volunteers service hours.

Why it matters:

Hong Kong has been through tough times since 2019, it is easy to forget those who needed help and support. The social and economic challenges has revealed to us that the future of Hong Kong will be in the hands of our next generation. The global pandemic has put the underprivileged groups a much more difficult times with the rise in unemployment, education and schooling are disrupted. Hans Andersen Club is one of the local social groups that advocates children’s development through innovative storytelling programs. As storytellers ourselves, their cause resonates well with that of LEWIS. We both communicate to change the world, making it a better place for our next generation.

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