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Community Causes

Offering vulnerable families education and community care


HARAP was founded in 2013 to provide free English proficiency classes for orphans and underprivileged children. HARAP works to support local youth through various projects including, their self-actualization program and Medikcare which provides medical equipment, diapers, and milk for underprivileged and sick members of the community. B40care is another service that involves helping and empowering the single mothers and elderly from the low-income B40 segment.

Why It Matters:

‘Since the spread of COVID 19 Malaysia, all non-essential industries and institutions were forced to close for months, resulting in many Malaysians out of education or work. Online distance learning (ODL) has provided school children with virtual classes via video communications applications.

However, online-based learning and working from home are incredibly difficult to adjust to when people have previously had very little exposure to technology. Many people do not own a device with this level of technology and the majority of those that do, struggle to use the applications. LEWIS has collaborated with HARAP through financial and digital aid in the hope that HARAP will  continue to provide essential support to those that need it most.’ – Mohd Asraf bin Mohd Zalam, Team LEWIS

‘LEWIS’ charity program will definitely make a difference in many lives, especially in these pandemic times.’ – HARAP founder, Yvonne Chan

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