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Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V.




Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V.


Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V. (based in Königstein / Germany) provides a sustainable and self-reliant future for children (i.e. orphans and half-orphans) in the Peruvian Andes through education, health, and caring housing. Even if poverty in Peru has developed positively in recent years, it is still a problem for a large part of the mountain population in the rural Andean regions. Poverty means much more than having no or too little income. That is why Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V. is committed to education, health, and social issues, as well as the environment and ecology.

In close cooperation with its partner association Corazones para Perú, Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V. works holistically in German-Peruvian teams to improve the living conditions of the rural population sustainably, to curb the rural exodus and to create future prospects for its people.

Why It Matters

LEWIS employee Andres Wittermann first met the charity during their annual event in November 2019 in Königstein and was amazed by the enthusiasm and engagement of everyone involved. Andres’ daughter had plans to spend a year in Peru as a volunteer upon completing her studies, but due to COVID-19, these plans were put on hold and eventually cancelled in February 2021.

We met many families, parents and their children, of whom many had worked as volunteers over the past years. It’s a strong group of people behind the charity and everyone was super positive. We also heard very heartwarming stories about the development that many students of their school and village had as a consequence of their engagement – such as becoming engineers and starting their own businesses. Their charity is struggling in the absence of volunteers given the difficult situation in Peru. They now need computers, printers etc for home schooling and much more. I want to contribute to their work.

– Andres Wittermann, Chief Client Officer, EMEA at LEWIS

LEWIS is proud to support Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V. as part of its Causes program.

Image credit:  Herzen für eine Neue Welt e.V.

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