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The Youth Education Fund




Helping children get an education


Het Jeugdeducatiefonds (The Youth Education Fund) was founded in 2005. Due to unfavorable socio-economic situations that affect so many families, this foundation aims to increase opportunities for children’s talent development and chances to get an education in school.

The Youth Education Fund helps children growing up in disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2013, one in three poor Dutch people were under the age of 18. Since 2007, the number of poor children has risen sharply. 75% of poor children are under 12. Poverty can lead to stress in the family, lack of attention at school, no money for trips and explore the world, and no money for, for example, tutoring if the child falls behind. These factors mean that poverty often hinders education.

The Youth Education Fund aims to contribute to a society in which all children achieve the highest possible level of education and talent development, including those who grow up in disadvantaged situations.

Why It Matters

‘When we at LEWIS were granted the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause this year, I did not have to think long about what I wanted to donate this amount to. This contribution will help many young people receive essential and basic materials for a good education, such as books, a desk to work on, or a laptop. As a mother of three young children, I feel strongly that all children should get the same opportunities for a good education. In these unprecedented times, I worry for the many children who are sitting at home unable to go to school, particularly those that are also in an unsafe home situation.’ – Merel Dudok van Heel, Head of Consumer Division, LEWIS Amsterdam.

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