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House of Panama


San Diego



Community Causes

Celebrating the traditions and culture of Panama


The first Panamanian cultural house in a museum setting outside of the Isthmus of Panama, the House of Panama aims to share the traditions, music and culture of the Republic of Panama and foster a spirit of understanding, tolerance and goodwill between all the national groups of San Diego, California.

Why It Matters

House of Panama continues to help organizations in Panama and supporPanamanian families in need in California, awarding high school scholarships and raising funds to build an International Cottage Museum in Balboa Park. LEWIS is proud to support a charity which brings attention to San Diego’s sister cities, such as Panama City, Panama.

“This organization matters to me because it’s home away from home. It’s amazing to know that there’s an organization here in San Diego that is dedicated to inform others about and represent Panama. As a Panamanian American, I don’t get to meet other Panamanians easily here, so the fact that there’s a hub for that really touches home for me. “

– Stephanie Brown, Digital Designer at LEWIS

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