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Community Causes

Providing refuge for unwanted and lost animals


Since 1972 HULA (‘Home for Unwanted and Lost Animals’) has provided a refuge for abandoned or unwanted animals until they can be re-homed. In addition to rescuing and rehoming domestic pets & birds, they also provide a permanent home to unwanted goats, geese, ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, donkeys & Shetland ponies.

Their primary goal is to keep providing refuge to unwanted and lost animals and increase their capacity and service year on year. Now part of the Animal Welfare Trust, they want to keep doing what they have been doing for so many years. Especially during the pandemic, it is imperative for this charity to keep working hard and giving love and care to so many animals.

Why It Matters

This charity is important to me because during the pandemic, a lot of families and individuals are purchasing pets and then they suddenly realize that they can’t look after them properly. As I have several pets, this is something that I feel strongly towards as I couldn’t imagine my dog, etc. going through some of the awful situations that other animals go through. Therefore, it is important that charities such as this one are rewarded and financially backed to make sure they can keep doing what they are doing by providing the highest level of care towards every animal that they come into contact with. Therefore, this is a charity that means a lot to me.’ – Sam Woodman, Senior Account Executive, LEWIS London.


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