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IQ70+ provides a home and assistance to people with mental disabilities from children as young as 3 years old, to patients as old as 75 years old. These patients come from a variety of backgrounds but most are from families that are unable to afford care for them.

The charity offers live-in support to individuals and offers free consultations to those seeking help for their family members. The stigma surrounding mental disability is very high in Malaysian culture, and many companies do not employ people with disabilities, despite them being capable. In this regard, the centre also acts as a place for individuals to work, where they are integrated into the facility to care for those who are bed-ridden or suffer from more debilitating conditions.

Why it matters

The stigma of struggling with mental health or mental disabilities is prevalent in the local community. This has led to their abandonment and sometimes ill-treatment as families struggle with a lack of support and knowledge on how to create a nurturing environment for them.

The work that IQ70+ does to support, care and educate plays an important role in reducing stigma. It provides families with hope and emphasises that every life is precious.

The organization recently rebranded to “IQ70+” where the “+” sign reflects its mission to go further in leading the children they support and seeking more breakthroughs and hope. It is a bridge built not only to break the gap between social welfare and the public but to guide these children out of the enclosed world they’re often put in.

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