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Community Causes

Everyone deserves an equal education


The Junior-Uni Ruhr is a non-profit educational institution that serves to discover and promote individual talents and to extend equal participation in access to educational opportunities, especially for children and young people from low-stimulation environments. At the Junior University, children and young people can attend various practical and future-oriented seminars and workshops. A broad program of different topics – from natural sciences to history and art to economics, spacecraft technology and programming – ensures variety and learning fun. In addition, various collaborations, such as with the “Biological Station Westliches Ruhrgebiet” and “Kreishandwerkerschaft”, serve to discover and promote individual talents and to expand participation in access to educational opportunities.

Why it matters:

Education is the key to opportunities, prospects and future. Education enables a self-determined life and provides added value for society as a whole. However, even in Germany, and even in the year 2021, it is still the case that children and young adults from low-stimulation environments in particular often do not have proper access to education. The likelihood that a child will graduate from high school is very high if the father and mother themselves have high school diplomas. This is because parents with a university entrance qualification know how to get through high school and can support their children. Whether someone graduates from high school then depends not on their performance, but on their background and this needs to change.

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