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Mayhew is an animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of cats and dogs in London and internationally. As well as re-homing cats and dogs, the charity delivers a broad range of community-based veterinary care and education services.

As well as providing care and veterinary care for animals, Mayhew play an active role in the community. It works closely with homeless charities to ensure pets receive treatment and owners and their animals are kept together. Mayhew also has an animal-assisted intervention program to promote physical, social and emotional wellbeing. These sessions can have a hugely positive impact on local people.

Why it matters

Mayhew animal home has always been a staple in the local community. It is a refuge center for lost cats and dogs, and a source of valuable information for pet owners and pet lovers. Their mission is to ensure the welfare of all animals, include those who do not have the access to the right care and protection. Most importantly, they work with the vulnerable homeless community in the local area to ensure their pets are well and healthy. Pets provide a warm body, a friend and companion for those living on the streets, which is why the work Mayhew does is so important.

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