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Mentor Escale





Community Causes


The mission of Mentor Escale is to support Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (UFMs) and former UFMs in order to assist with their integration in Belgium, creating a social support network around them, and develop projects that promote their development. The non-profit organization Mentor-Escale provides educational, social, and psychological support that is essential for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (UFMs).

Its objectives are:

  • Promote the empowerment of young people
  • Promote their development and well-being
  • Favor social bonding
  • To promote the development of critical, active, responsible, and supportive citizenship
  • Promote MENA access to their social rights
  • Accompany these adolescents in the development of their life project

Why it’s important:

The experience of young people who arrive in a foreign country alone is incredibly difficult and daunting. They deserve to be welcomed and supported when they arrive so they have a chance at a better life and to be able to become the best version of the adult they dream of becoming, with access to education and a normal childhood.

We greatly appreciate the work done by Mentor Escale and hope that with the support from the LEWIS cause program, they will be able to assist young people and help them find themselves in Belgium. The whole team and the volunteers are fantastic and the work they do is essential.

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