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Migrant Workers' Centre




Bridging The Gap Between Migrant Workers & The Community


The Migrant Workers’ Centre seeks to assist migrant workers redress employment disputes and further education and awareness among them of their employment rights. The centre also promotes social integration between migrant workers and Singaporeans to achieve harmonious co-existence within the workplace and beyond. 

Why It Matters

Migrant workers had a hard time during the COVID-19. The biggest COVID-19 cluster in Singapore was found in the migrant workers’ dormitories, where hundreds of workers were infected every day. News sources revealed that those workers were forbidden to step out of the dormitories for more than four monthswherliving conditions were poor. Many of these migrant workers come from low-income families in developing or third-world countries, and their families back home rely on them for financial support.  

The global pandemic and spread of the virus within the dormitories meant these workers were not only unable to visit their families but could not earn salaries as work in several industries were halted for several months – this puts mental, emotional and financial strain on them and their families. The Migrant Workers’ Centre is one of the foundations that plays an important role in this society and in caring for the migrant worker communityMigrant workers deserve to be treated equally, with respect and dignity just like the rest of us living and working in Singapore

LEWIS is proud to support The Migrant Workers’ Centre as part of its Causes programme.

Image Credit: Migrant Workers’ Centre

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