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Community Causes

Raising awareness and supporting people suffering from Motor Neurone Disease


The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) has been providing support for sufferers and carers alike, since 1979. The charity is a resource for information, global research funding, and a wide range of benefits and contacts to ease the lives of the patients and their families. There is a risk of 1 in 300 contracting MND during one’s lifetime. The disease is untreatable, so research funding is essential for all sufferers present and future.

Why It Matters:

‘My aunt died of the disease and I experienced first-hand the deterioration of her quality of life and the impact on her family, who had to rally around to help and care for her. Added to this, there was the expense of all the medical paraphernalia required to tend to her at home. This disease doesn’t affect the patient only; its effects ripple outward through closest family and friends.’ – Luke Mahony, EMEA IT Manager, LEWIS London.

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