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Two Hearts Combined

Given that one of the hardest realizations for new parents is their under-preparedness to care for their little one, Owlet partnered with Tiny Hearts First Aid to address this challenge with the launch of its breakthrough product- the Owlet Smart Sock. The objective of the campaign was to increase the education on surviving and thriving with proactive insights into their baby’s wellness, and increase their preparedness to care for their baby.


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“Owlet, an infant health technology brand, provides better care for babies in the home by educating and empowering parents with the right information at the right time”


The Approach

TEAM LEWIS conducted research on the parent audience, looking at who they were and the types of messaging they were receptive to. Having done multiple A/B testing campaigns leading up to the collaboration with Tiny Hearts, insights indicated that parents cared deeply about their infant’s wellbeing and sleep, but market over saturation meant that they didn’t know where to look for specific information around this topic.

TEAM LEWIS launched a two-week campaign, led by a product giveaway to maximise engagement. The key message focused on what the Owlet Smart Sock could do to help parents provide better care and sleep for babies at home.

Since Owlet’s target audience was predominantly active on social media, Facebook and Instagram were chosen as the primary channels for the campaign. In doing so, this also enabled greater sharing opportunities between parent groups and generate a dialogue in a space where they gathered their information the most.

To ensure that accurate demographic information and volume of entries were captured, a landing page was built on Owlet’s website. LEWIS further amplified the campaign with a collection of social posts to drive traffic directly to the landing page.

The Outcome

The campaign was successful in engaging Owlet’s social community and led audiences to the Owlet website where they can gain more insight into their baby’s wellbeing and health.

Website traffic to the Owlet site saw an increase of 89% (website sessions) during the two-week campaign.
94% of these visitors were first-time visitors to the Owlet site.



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