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Fostering Greater Love For The Arts


A major component of Pangdemonium’s mission is to nurture aspiring artists and theatre practitioners. Pangdemonium wants to provide opportunities for emerging talents to work with, and learn from industry professionals, in a challenging and inspiring environment. 

With a practical but instructive series of specialised workshops and masterclasses in various theatre disciplines, it aims to reach out to the community, fuel the creative instincts of young minds, cultivate the passion for the art of story-telling on stage, and share hands-on experience in the craft of theatre making. 

Pangdemonium’s Education & Outreach programme is a community initiative created to do just that. It believes that these programmes create a legacy of future generations of theatre professionals, sowing seeds for a more vibrant and progressive theatre industry and paving the way towards a greater love of the arts among the community. 

Why It Matters

With the ongoing pandemic, 2020 was a tough year for everyone, especially for those in the performing arts industry. Their livelihoods have been decimated thanks to global lockdowns and social distancing rules, forcing theatres to shut and bringing the curtains down on many performing arts venues. With the local arts scene languishing, many have had to turn to other occupations to keep the lights on, and with no end in sight to this pandemic, we need to find a way to preserve this fragile community, so that when things return to normal and we all emerge from this episode, there will still be a scene to return to. 

Here at TEAM LEWIS, creativity is core to everything that we do, and the arts are but a visual representation of the beautiful art of storytelling. TEAM LEWIS is proud to support Pangedemonium as part of its Causes programme. 

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