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Plugged In Band Program





Community Causes

Giving young people a venue to channel their creativity


Founded in 2002, Plugged In Band Program is a non-profit music program based in Needham, MA. This organization is committed to creating an inclusive, loving and diverse community empowered to change the world. Plugged In educates musicians in a non-competitive environment and provides band and individual performance opportunities in support of community and charitable causes.

Plugged In is a tuition-based program. It never turns away a student. Scholarships for financial aid are available for those in need. On average, 28% to 30% of its students receive a scholarship. The amount of the award ranges from 25% to 75% of tuition. Plugged In has awarded full, 100% scholarships to cover the tuition of the most extreme situations.

Why It Matters

In a competition-driven world, Plugged In Band Program has provided students with an inclusive, nurturing and creative space to express themselves without fear of judgment. LEWIS strongly believes it’s important for young adults to have a place where they feel confident to try new things and take risks. During a pivotal time in students’ lives, when they are figuring out what it means to be part of a larger community, Plugged In is there to offer support. 

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