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Protect and Save the Children





Community Causes

Supporting the children


Protect and Save the Children began in 1999 with the goal of providing complete child protection to combat child sexual abuse (CSA). Not only committed to developing awareness amongst children, but the organization also hopes adults, authorities and the public would be educated about the dangers that children are facing.

The organization upholds the rights and dignity of every child, hoping to build safer communities where children are protected from sexual abuse and exploitation. Protect and Save the Children provides intervention and treatments for survivors of CSA and support for their families. It is the only social organization in Malaysia that focuses solely on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of CSA.

This organization’s services include educating and training as many children and adults to avoid child sexual abuse, provide treatment to survivors, and more. If you are informed by a child about sexual abuse, please reach out to Protect and Save the Children and the authorities. Be their voice.

Why It Matters:

1 in 10 children in Malaysia is sexually abused by people known to them, people whom they trusted the most. Sadly, some children aren’t aware of what is happening to them due to their innocence. Perpetrators exploited their unawareness, hence there is a serious need for an effective mechanism for children to use to inform reliable adults that they are victims of any inappropriate activity or abuse.

LEWIS supports Protect and Save The Children through its Causes program and raises awareness that conversations about abuse are not taboo. Children shouldn’t be steer clear from this subject, they should be able to identify inappropriate activities rather than being exploited.

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