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Hong Kong


Standing Up Against Sexual Violence


Founded in 2000, RainLily is the first sexual violence crisis centre in Hong Kong that offers a 24/7 one-stop service dedicated to minimizing secondary trauma for survivors. For the past two decades, RainLily has served up to 2,000 request-for-assistance in total and delivers extensive support service to more than 250 female survivors aged 14 or above annually. 

RainLily provides comprehensive services for victim-survivors ranging from free immediate crisis support, counselling, sexual transmittable infections screening and preventive treatment, to judicial procedures support. The institution’s ultimate mission is to curtail the traumatizing need for survivors to repeat their stories to different parties such as law enforcement and healthcare staffs in order to prevent secondary trauma.  

Why It Matters

Sexual violence survivors, who have long been a marginalized and vulnerable group have been stuck in aunimaginable plight. With resources diverted to handling the pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions on movement, these women now suffer a higher chance for sexual violence as they are forced to stay at home with their abusers. According to the UN Women, sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women are soaring both in reality and online since the outbreak of COVID-19,  and has been described as a ‘Shadow Pandemic’.

Supporting RainLily means LEWIS is dedicated in the fight for gender equality and eradicating sexual and gender-based violence. Supporting a cause like RainLily directly aids the continuous operation for the non-government-funded organization who can help fight for court protective measures for sexual violence victims and testify for justice. 

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